About Us


Chrome 57 Division Focuses on the Car Show Audience

In 2014, Mark Lenart, the owner of Weldon Acres, created a new division called Chrome 57 to meet the needs of the growing number of Car Show customers.  Chrome 57 continues Weldon Acre’s tradition of delivering quality products while meeting your deadlines.  The new name, new look, and new logo are designed to appeal to fans of the classic car world that buy our products.

Weldon Acres Trophy, Inc. has been serving the car show market for over 30 years. We’re a family owned business, and nothing is more important to us than delivering a quality product along with personalized service for every customer.

Family Owned, Hometown Service Guaranteed

President Mark Lenart is second generation, continuing the legacy established by his father, Dan. Mark began working at Weldon Acres in High School. Finding that his love for the business grew year after year, he took over daily operations from his dad after earning a Bachelors degree in Business Management. Today, Mark enjoys keeping Weldon Acres on the cutting edge, always offering quality products at affordable prices.

A Focus on Car Shows, an Expertise on Everything Recognition

Dash Plaques and Car Shows run deep in our blood. The pride we take in our products is matched only by the love we have of sharing our experience and expertise with each new customer.

Yet we have so much more to offer. At Weldon Acres, we have a rich company history of delivering quality awards, sports trophies, promotional items, apparel, corporate awards, and giveaways. Our depth of experience allows us to share ideas and approaches you may not have thought of and to “hand hold” you through the process from start to finish.

Your satisfaction with your first order, your future business, and your referrals are what keep Weldon Acres Trophy, Inc. growing, so you know we’ll treat you right when you contact us today!

Technology, Training, and Growth

Dye sublimation, gel printers, second generation diamond engravers, lasers, and more, at Weldon Acres we invest in the right technologies so that we can deliver the best results for you.

Our spirit of innovation doesn’t end there. In addition to equipment, we invest in educational opportunities, seminars, and demos of up and coming technologies. From the latest print drivers and software updates to purchasing only top quality materials, we do what we can to exceed your expectations every time.

The Future

Though our capabilities and offerings grow every year, car shows remain our top priority and our passion. Yet, because so many of our clients also work in corporate environments, we want to offer one stop shopping from a provider they can trust, filling their needs for corporate awards and promotional items.

The end result is a reflection on our reputation, and that’s why we’ll always do our best for you.

We’re looking forward to working with you, so contact us today!